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Milonga Tangobar (Herta und Marius Spannbauer)
TANGOBAR Milonga im Albert Schweitzer Haus mit DJ Pedro aus Paris, Mode und Schuhe von RIGA’s
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 1 März 2018
Zeit 21:00 - 01:30
Veranstaltungsort Albert Schweitzer Haus, Schwarzspanierstrasse 13, 1090 Wien
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Kontakt 069918146624 [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Link http://www.tangobar.at

Tangobar-Milonga, jeden Donnerstag ab 21 Uhr

davor Workshops von 19-21hs


 DJ Pedro has been organizing and DJing milongas since 2012, outdoors in front of the Eiffel Tower, and indoors with "Le Paradis", one of the biggest milongas in France, with certain nights more than 150 tangueras & tangueros. He has been DJ in different other milongas in Paris and France, has organized a great number of live concerts, and was DJ in Shanghai, Taipei, Saigon and Tokyo as well. More information on www.leparadis.info