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Milonga Tangobar (Herta und Marius Spannbauer)
TANGOBAR Milonga im Albert Schweitzer Haus mit DJ Jasmin Muranovic
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 29 November 2018
Zeit 21:00 - 01:30
Veranstaltungsort Albert Schweitzer Haus, Schwarzspanierstrasse 13, 1090 Wien
[Google Map]
Kontakt 069918146624 [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Link http://www.tangobar.at

Tangobar-Milonga, jeden Donnerstag ab 21 Uhr

davor Workshops von 19-21hs





During my Dj set the most important for me is to trust my feelings while choosing every tanda and cortina. My task is to create the best danceable mood and use the energy of the dance floor to get more and more inspiration. I’m in love with tango music and there is lots of passion for what I’m doing. I live in Vienna and have enjoyed invitations to play music in Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Poland.