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Tangoing (Kenan Askan)
Etiquette - Milonga Experimental|DJ Kenan ASKAN
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 25 September 2018
Zeit 21:00 - 23:45
Veranstaltungsort Espacio Montevideo, Untergrundbahn Bogen 117 (Parallel to Währinger Gürtel 81)
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Kontakt Kenan Askan [E-Mail an Kontakt]
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Music: Traditional
DJ: Kenan Askan
Contribution free: 7€ (student 5€) 
Here are the essensials of the Etiquette!!!

- Use reserved two sides for women sitting opposite to each other, and the same for men
- Invitation to dance floor only with “La Mirada” y “El Cabeceo”
- After confirmation, go to place where she is sitting down and wait for her standing up 
- Get eye contact with dancing couples before you enter dance floor to avoid clash
- Accompany her place where you got to dance and thank you
# Challenge: try to finish Tanda around place you started dancing 
- Leave dance floor empty once Cortina sounds
# If you want to keep dancing with same, use corners to wait 
for next Tanda so that you don't interfere with others

We would kindly like to explain that this is just a social experiment in order to enjoy the Milonga to the fullest, and that the etiquettes are not barriers to the delight of Tango. Instead, they allow a way to play around a bit and to be involved deeper in the essence of tango.

The chairs are clearly marked with pink bows for women and with blue cravat-neckties for men. At the entrance, the organizer may indicate you a place to sit down. 

If you arrive as a couple or a group and would like to sit together, be kind and let the organizer know it. 

A big thank you to Hector and Norman for introducing this concept to their Milonga called “Cachirullo”, taking place on Tuesdays at “El Beso” in Buenos Aires. 

We are looking forward to sharing this new and unique experience with you special tango lovers in Vienna.

Un Abrazo,
How to arrive: Wien Währinger Straße-Volksoper (U6), Tram: 37, 38, 40, 41,42

Contact:, 0043(0) 660 6696832 .