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Katja Papusheva
Two sides of tango with Natalia Zavadskaya
Kategorie spezielle Veranstaltung
Datum 15 Juli 2018
Zeit 15:00 - 18:45
Veranstaltungsort Tangoatelier, Schönbrunner strasse 58
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Kontakt Katja Papusheva [E-Mail an Kontakt]

Natalia Zavadskaya is a ukranian dancer and teacher for argentinean tango and folclore. Being active internationally in a performance dance since the age of 10, she became a finalist of European Tango Salon Championship in 2016. Since several years she is teaching Argentinean tango and folklore in her home country Ukraine, as well as abroad, giving classes in Budapest, Warsaw, Vienna, Bucharest and Shanghai.
This time, Natalia will give two lessons. Dancers of both roles are welcome to join!

Sunday 15. July, 15:00-17:00: Followers technique. 
Natalia has developed a proprietary set of exercises for dancers that can be used to improve foot strength, step quality, balance and posture of a follower. In developing these exercises she fused her experience in a performance dance and the features that are special for tango technique. 
The aim of this lesson is to give participants a clear and easy workout that, if done regularly , will improve your balance and communication with a partner, help you to boost your dance capacity, and protect your feet from typical injuries that occur due to the dancing on high heels. 

Sunday 15. July 17:15-18:45: Basics of tango lead 
During this lesson, we will consider the basics of tango lead, starting with a posture and step technique and extending to the fundamental principles of leading of basic steps and turns. From Natalia’s experience, knowledge of the basic leading role is really helpful for the followers, as it allows us to increase sensitivity and awareness during the dance. Therefore this lesson will be interesting also for those followers who do not plan leading socially. You would learn to be aware of your body and the ways you interact with a leader, and increase your confidence in a social dance.

Ladies Technique: 20 €/person
Basics of tango lead: 15 €/person
Both lessons: 30 €/person.

Student discount 18 €/single lesson, 25 €/both lessons