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Katja Papusheva
Communication-Improvisation-Musicality by Katrin Urwitz and Jorge Frias
Kategorie spezielle Veranstaltung
Datum 22 September 2018
Zeit 16:00 - 19:30
Veranstaltungsort Tangoatelier, Schönbrunner strasse 58
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Katrin Urwitz and Jorge Frias live and teach tango in Buenos Aires. Their style of dancing is highlighted by natural way of movement, fine musicality and strong connection that enhances the dialogue making possible fluid comunication or even rolechange during the dance. Their classes are well known for breaking stereotypes and opening new opportunities of communication to dancers.

This year they offer a seminar ‘Communication-Improvisation-Musicality’ where we will work with technique and musicality in a context of couple movement. We will explore the tools that you have in your body to improve both, connection with a partner and music interpretation, and ultimately to boost your joy of dancing.


Saturday 22. September


16 - 17:30  Communication

In this class, we will work with our contact points - axis, standing leg,  embrace. We will learn how to create clear and fluid connections between partners using our technique


18-19:30 Improvisation

During this class, we will try to free ourselves of familiar patterns. We will look at basic structures and combinations , play with our positions and investigate the options for connected improvisation.


Sunday  23 September


15 - 16:30 Musicality

We will work with the quality of our movement and see how we can make the music sound within us and through us.


17 - 18:30 Interpretation

We will learn how to use the tools of connection and improvisation to make tango a dialogue within the couple, letting the music inspire the way we move.


Costs per person: single class 30 €, one day 50 €, full seminar 85 €.

Number of participants is limited. Single registrations are possible.

For matching numbers of participants with different roles, we kindly ask you to register in advance at

All classes take place in Tangoatelier , Schönbrunnerstrasse 58/10,1050 Vienna