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Tango Atelier | Giros & Sacadas Sequences | GONZALO ANGELES & LAIA BARRERA CANOVAS
Kategorie Workshop
Datum 8 Dezember 2018
Zeit 16:30 - 18:00
Veranstaltungsort Schönbrunnerstrasse 58 1050, Wien
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Professional tango dancer ,teacher and dancing coach with more than 15 years of career, not only in Argentina, around the world in countries as Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Polland and Greece

He excelled in dance companies as "Buenos Aires Pasión de Tango", "Sangre de tango", "Tango Seducción" and "Tango Revolution".


He integrated the dance staff of prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires as: El Querandí, La Ventana Barrio de Tango and Gala Tango.


He has done exhibitions in the most typical and famous milongas of Buenos Aires: Canning Parakultural, El Tasso, Club Villa Malcom, Grisel, La Nacional, Yira Yira and Loyola Tango Club.


In 2017 he was jury at the Colombian venues for the Tango Mundial Festival. 


He has been formed with the internationally recognized Tango masters like Alejandra Mantiñan, Martín Ojeda, Germán Cornejo, Eliana Sánchez, Mónica Souto and Carolina Bonaventura.


He's part of the masters staff at the AMT School of Alejandra Mantiñan which seats in Germany, Italy and Argentina. Gonzalo has got his own tango school "La Típica Porteña" in Bellinzona, Switzerland.





Professional dancer, teacher and choreographer.


Laia has been formed in different dance styles during all her life as ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, flamenco, lyrical jazz-musical and she studied deeply body techniques to apply to tango as a body expression, yoga and theater.


During her dancer career she has worked in many companies in Barcelona, in theaters as "Teatro Imperial" Port Aventura Park and FerrariLand (2017), she has danced in competitions and choreographed many different pieces with tango-jazz-hip hop. 


She has participated and dance in Mundial Tango Championship, Campeonato Metropolitano, Campeonato Intermilongas... and other Tango Competitions of Argentina.


She has worked in tango shows in Argentina, like the famous "Café Tortoni" while she was studying tango salon and improving her dance skills with Tango masters as Fenando Galera, Maximiliano Cristiani, Silvina Valz, Sol Cerquides, Natalia Hills, Alejandra Gutty, Daniel Nacucchio&Cristina Sosa...


Laia has taught and danced in different countries as Freiburg(Germany), Bucarest (Rumania), Izmir(Turkey), París-Marseille (France), Bellinzona (Switzerland), Gothenbourg (Sweden), Vilnus (Lithuania), Buenos Aires- San Luís- Mendoza- San Rafael (Argentina), Granada- Barcelona (Spain), Milán (Italy)...