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SaTho-Tango (Sabine Mayr, Thomas Mayr)
SaTho Milonga | Traditionelle Milonga | Viennas Milonga on Friday | DJ SaTho Sabine | Wir feiern Sylvia´s Geburtstag - Prosecco für alle!!!!
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 4 Oktober 2019
Zeit 20:30 - 00:00
Veranstaltungsort 1150 Wien, Robert Hamerling-Gasse 1
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Kontakt Thomas & Sabine Mayr [E-Mail an Kontakt]

Milonga:  20:30 - 00:00 Uhr  mit Tombola, guten Weinen, feinen Brötchen und Kuchen.
Location ist 1 Minute Fußweg vom Westbahnhof entfernt. Sieh Plan auf Google Maps:

Eintritt: Euro 10,- (Bei online Anmeldung ist ein Freigetränk im Eintritt inkludiert)

SaTho Milonga - die Milonga am Freitag in Wien - alle 14 Tage - traditionell mit Tandas und Cortinas - für Tänzer mit Beinen und Ohren
Familiär und international
Use Mirada und Cabeceo

 DJ Sabine:

Tango teacher, tango DJ, Bandoneon player at the Viennese Orchester ViTa MusicA is based in Vienna, together with her partner Thomas organizer of the Encuentro “Noches de Invierno”, Noches de Primavera and “Noches de Verano”. SaTho-Sabine became a passionate tango dancer in 2005 and since 2008 she has been running the Satho milonga with her partner Thomas in Vienna, currently every second Friday, where she is often responsible for the music. Sabine has also gained a lot of experience through learning the bandoneon and by playing in the orchestra of the Vienna Tango Music Academy and by listening to and observing highly experienced guest DJs who she invites to their milongas. Regularly she DJs also at Tangobar Vienna. Though she has not much time to travel because of her own Tango activities in Vienna she DJed also in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. When she DJs, you will hear a wide variety of famous, classical tango orquestras, structured strictly into tandas and cortinas, spiced with the right level of energy to keep the dancers on the floor.