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Milonga Tangobar (Herta und Marius Spannbauer)
TANGOBAR Milonga im Albert Schweitzer Haus mit DJ Gustavo Rosas
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 20 Juni 2019
Zeit 21:00 - 01:30
Veranstaltungsort Albert Schweitzer Haus, Schwarzspanierstrasse 13, 1090 Wien
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Kontakt 069918146624 [E-Mail an Kontakt]

Tangobar-Milonga, jeden Donnerstag ab 21 Uhr

davor Workshops von 19-21hs


Curriculum Dj Gus. Tangos,Valses y Milongas en Vinilos.


Tangos in Vinyl All Night. 100% Records Tango !!!


Gustavo Rosas began spending music at the age of 12, his first steps with vinyls were at student parties. In 1985 he worked in Pandemonium Disco, one of the most important discos of the West Zone.

After graduating from Electronics Technician and operator of PC’s in 1990, he started his own disk (Gamma Music) with music from disco to alternative pop, to reggae.


In 1992 he became a professional DJ. He founded a company „Dee Jay“, and he spent music in discos, parties, events, etc. Among them, musicalizó acts of Presidents Raul Alfonsin and Carlos Menem.


From an invitation in Lamadrid Club of Buenos Aires, in March 1997 he began spending music in milongas like The Club Glorias Argentinas in slaughterhouses, Social Club July 9, etc.


In 2002 he got the first invitation from Belgium in the Milonga Tango Bar (Brussels). He started to combine DJ’ing and performing as tango dancer.

In 2004 his music was heard in New York, Lafayette Grill, La Boca, Tango Week Boston, San Francisco, etc.

In 2008 Omar Viola invited him for several weekends in Canning Milonga (The Parakultural) (Mitica Milonga de Buenos Aires).


His presentations are only with vinyl records, using 2 or 3 trays (turntables) technics Sl 1200/1210 / tecnica 1 Audio Mixer.

Currently, Dj Gus spends his vinyls on different milongas of Buenos Aires, Parakultural, Konex, The Club Glare (Milonga 10), Chip, Club Villa Malcolm, etc.





During 2010-2014 he was invited to make his performances with vinyl on important Tango Festivals such as Tango Festival in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mystery Tango Festival (Buenos Aires), Tango Festival Sitges (Spain), Tango Festival in Belgrade (Serbia), Tango Festival Catania (Italy) Tango Festival Wuppertal (Germany), New Zealand Tango Festival (Wellington), Aix-Les-Bains Tango Festival (France), Tango Festival St. Petersburg (Russia), Firenze Tango Festival (Italy), Torino Tango Festival (Italy), Belfast Tango Festival (Ireland), among others.