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Tango Initiative
4 DAYS SUMMER SPECIAL by Sayaka & Joscha
Kategorie spezielle Veranstaltung
Datum 31 Juli 2019
Zeit 19:00 - 22:00
Veranstaltungsort Galeria Ideal - Geibelgasse 14-16, 1150 Vienna https://www.galeria-ideal.at
https://www.galeria-ideal.at" target="_blank">[Google Map]
Kontakt Sayaka & Joscha [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Link http://www.tangoinitiative.com


July 30th/ 31st & August 1st/2nd: 4 Days from 7pm – 10pm

LOCATION: Galeria Ideal, Geibelgasse 14-16, 1150 Vienna ( https://www.galeria-ideal.at) 

EVERY DAY OFFERS 2 classes (a and b) building on each other, but can also be booked separately.

*Part a) 19:00-20:00h "SINGLE TECHNIQUE & BODY PREPARATION" :A set of exercises to prepare our body, understand movements particularly necessary for the days topic - also generally helpful to feel more clarity, power and freedom in your dance.

*Part b) 20:30-22:00h "THE TOPIC OF THE DAY":
The second part of the day's seminar will be in couples.


DAY 1: FEET - improtance, possibility & playfulness

DAY 2: CORE - connected, calm & alive

DAY 3: EMBRACE - simple, clear & flexible

DAY 4: LEGS - supporting, free & elastic

THE SUMMER SPECIAL GIVES the opportunity to immerse deeply into the preparation and understanding of our body to connect & enjoy various movements together with our partner. Every day the focus is on one part of our body, its importance and role - always liberating & connecting within the entired body and in the couple.

 We will work on the perspective of body technique, mechanics and musicality and make it easy to enjoy and appy it on the dancefloor.

Places limited.

Discount possibilities:

1)     2 days & more

2)     All 4 days

3)     Students

Registration* to: contact@sayakayjoscha.com />

*Part a) can be booked single - no partner needed
*Part b) registration in couples