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Espacio Montevideo
MILONGUITA MONTEVIDEO Baby!!!/DJ: "MAMA" Yara Omran/ Milonguita Montevideo con el estilo del Rio de la Plata. " a bailar..a bailar en la Milonga del Oscar!"
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 6 Juli 2019
Zeit 22:00 - 03:00
Veranstaltungsort Espacio Montevideo Ubahnbogen 117 - gegenüber Währinger Gürtel 81 - Oberhalb dem "Schafli Bioland"
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Kontakt Oscar Moreira [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Link https://www.facebook.com/events/354284145259666/

 Milonguita Montevideo freut sich, DJ "Mama" Yara Omran.

 "A summer night's dream"

Dear friends: Back to the Milonguita Montevideo Mónica Suteu! Excellent Traditional Tango DJ, very good taste. Excelete wooden floating floor for the most demanding dancers. 

-Live curtains

-Empanadas And alfajores

Good vibes and a lot of art 

I look forward to it!

Gastgeber: Oscar Moreira

Milonguita Montevideo : Eine schöne Milonga und Ihr Haus :-)

-EVERY TIME with special surprises-

from 22:00 to 03:00
Ubahnbogen 117 - gegenüber Währinger Gürtel 81 - Oberhalb dem "Schafli Bioland"

Queridos Amigos del Tango!
After a wonderful year 2017 and 2018, Milonguita, we kindly invite you to enjoy anew the home atmosphere of MILONGUITA MONTEVIDEO, the new cultural space in authentic Rioplatense style.

On this ocassion with a special surprise! Let's not say too much and keep it a surprise indeed.

Join us for traditional Tango music, great wine and cuisine or simply come and feel at home.

"I want to provide a new cultural space for Vienna. Come join me in my new home"