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M Di M Do F S S

M Di M Do F S S

Alexandra Bobrova
Kategorie Kurs
Datum 1 April 2022
Zeit 18:30 - 19:45
Veranstaltungsort Tanzschule Svabek Liechtensteinstr. 41 1090 Wien
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Kontakt Alexandra Bobrova [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Preis 1 Lesson: € 19.00 and € 16.00 for students or retired$ 4 Lessons: € 70.00 and € 60.00 for students or retired
Link https://www.facebook.com/events/657591035533905
Would you like to spend the evenings, opening the secrets of the Argentinean tango?

Let's learn to understand the partner without words, create cosy, warm and functional embraces. We will learne to dance confidently and beautifully the basic elements of tango: walking, turns, cruzadas, ochos...

In the beginner's course, you will learn the basic steps of Argentine tango, Creole waltz and milonga.

Alexandra Bobrova is an Argentine tango teacher and dancer with 18 years of experience in one of the first Ukraine tango schools, called Amigos del Tango. Organizer of Kyiv milongas beloved by many people. She danced in the legendary tango musical "Law of Tango", collaborated with the Ukrainian tango orchestra Kyiv Tango Project. Together with her students, she starred in the tango scenes of the “Eclipse” series.

Pablo Martinez started teaching social tango in 2000 in the north of Argentina (San Salvador de Jujuy), and since 2007 he has been a DJ at his own milongas, organizer of tango competitions and events with international tango dancers. In early 2013 he moved to Buenos Aires where he continued to study, practice and study tango in all its aspects. In 2014, Pablo reached the final of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. Following this success, he began to travel with former dance with professional dancers from Buenos Aires. Together they traveled throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America teaching and sharing their knowledge of tango and Argentinean culture.

1 Lesson: € 19.00 and € 16.00 for students or retired
4 Lessons: € 70.00 and € 60.00 for students or retired

For students of Tanzschule Svabek:
1 Lesson: € 15.00 and 4 Lessons: € 54.00

Registration  to the group in pairs, so that “there are two needs for tango”.

However, if you haven't thought about partnership yet, write to us - maybe we know who is kidding the couple.

WhatsApp, Viber +380965704074
Phone +4367764112570