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Milonga Tangobar (Herta und Marius Spannbauer)
TANGO WEEKEND Workshop mit Sofia Saborido & Pablo Inza, Milonga! Milonga lisa & transpie. Get the rhythm and practice some cool ideas for the dance floor
Kategorie spezielle Veranstaltung
Datum 21 Oktober 2022
Zeit 18:00 - 19:30
Veranstaltungsort Tangobar im Albert Schweitzer Haus
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Preis 25

Pablo Inza + Sofia Saborido


After decades of teaching and performing around the globe in the most important tango festivals Pablo and Sofia became an international point of reference in the tango scene.

Their professional path made of back and forth trips between Argentina and the rest of the world as well as their expert point of view about the dance are widely appreciated in the tango communities. Refined pedagogues, performers, choreographs, actors, etc Pablo and Sofia are two accomplished artists who partnered in 2013 creating one of the most renowned couples that Argentin tango presently has.