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Jessica Gerdel
𝗔𝗕𝗥𝗔𝗭𝗔𝗧𝗔𝗡𝗚𝗢 Tango Argentino with Jessica Gerdel. Multi-level class
Kategorie Kurs
Datum 10 Juli 2022
Zeit 17:00 - 18:30
Veranstaltungsort Ikea Westbahnhof Terrace, Europaplatz 7th floor (We’ll move indoors to the 5th floor if it’s too hot at the time of the class)
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Kontakt Jessica Gerdel [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Preis €15 | Blocks of 6 and 10 classes available with a discount
Link https://www.jessicagerdel.com/summer

Today we do the class at a different time and location than our regular courses due to our Rooftop Milonga.

See you on the rooftop terrace of the Ikea Westbahnhof building (on the 7th floor). If it's too hot at the time of the class we'll do it indoors on the 5th floor. Check my social media for updates (Abrazatango on Instagram and Facebook).


Today's class will be suited for all levels (specially recommended for beginners and intermediate, and those who want to learn the other role or improve their fundamental technique). I'll take the first half an hour to go over basics of the technique if needed by the participants and dedicate the second part of the class for contents that require previous knowledge of tango argentino (If you're a beginner and feel you need more time to practice the basics before incorporating new knowledge don't worry, I'll adapt the instructions for you so it's not overwhelming).


My approach:

Improve the technique of what you already know and expand your knowledge to advance in your dancing, focusing on body awareness, connection between dancing partners and with the music in a playful way to favour improvisation in tango even if you're a beginner.

I'm a Yoga and Tango Argentino certified instructor graduated from the University of Tango in Buenos Aires, with further training in somatic education. I facilitate workshops for Body-Mind Integration and wellbeing through tango and conscious movement, which means that just copying and memorizing steps is not what you'll find in my classes. Come if you choose quality over quantity. During the last years I also organized cultural immersion experiences in Argentina and other Latin American countries. Currently based in Vienna, I teach group and private lessons and organize milongas, as well as special workshops from time to time.


Come as you are! It’s not required to attend with a partner, just openness to dance with any person in the room. Same gender and non binary couples are welcome. You're free to learn/practice the role(s) you like, I also encourage you to learn both.

Classes are weekly on Sunday, in English and Spanish. This time on a special schedule because of our Rooftop Milonga.





+43 681 10323630 

Facebook/Instagram: Abrazatango  


Class: €15 (Blocks of 6 and 10 classes receive a discount)

Milonga: Your contribution to make it sustainable is voluntary


💥 Spoiler alert: Come if you choose quality over quantity. We focus on body awareness and the mechanics of movement rather than collecting steps. In making it possible for you to choose what movements / sequences to do and to create your own, from the body dialogue to connect with your dancing partner and the music instead of just repeating automatisms. My interest is that you explore and train body awareness to have tools for improvisation in the dance and to gain confidence, with the patience that every learning process needs.  


Aprende a conectar con tu cuerpo, con tu pareja y con la música de forma divertida y sencilla, mejorando la técnica de lo que ya sabes e incorporando nuevos conocimientos para avanzar en tu baile. 

Jessica Gerdel es profesora certificada de Yoga y de Tango Argentino, graduada en la Universidad del Tango de Buenos Aires y con formación en educación somática. Se dedica a facilitar talleres para el bienestar psico-socio-emocional a través del tango y el movimiento consciente, y organiza experiencias de inmersión cultural en Argentina y otros países de Latinoamérica. 

No es necesario asistir en pareja, sólo venir con mente abierta y disposición a bailar con cualquier persona en la sala. Son bienvenidas las parejas del mismo sexo y personas no binarias. Eres libre de aprender el rol que quieras, de hecho te animo a aprender los dos.

Las clases son en inglés y español los domingos. Este domingo con horario especial porque a las 19:00 comienza nuestra Rooftop Milonga para bailar al aire libre en la terraza de Ikea Westbahnhof.  




+43 681 10323630

Facebook/Instagram: Abrazatango  


Clase: €15 (recibes descuento al reservar un bloque de 6 ó 10 clases)

Milonga: Tu aporte para el sostenimiento de la milonga es voluntario


💥 Spoiler alert: En estas clases no coleccionamos pasos memorizados, ven si prefieres calidad antes que cantidad. Nos enfocamos en la conciencia corporal y la mecánica del movimiento; en que puedas elegir qué movimientos/secuencias hacer y construir las propias, desde el diálogo corporal y la relación con la música en vez de repetir automatismos. Me interesa que entrenes la conciencia corporal y amplíes tus habilidades para la improvisación mientras ganas confianza en tu baile, con la paciencia que implica todo proceso de aprendizaje.