M Di M Do F S S

M Di M Do F S S

M Di M Do F S S

Milonga Tangobar (Herta und Marius Spannbauer)
2hours Intense Workshop for Boleos mit Salome & Duddie David Mancini (der Anfänger Workshop entfällt !)
Kategorie spezielle Veranstaltung
Datum 1 Juni 2023
Zeit 19:00 - 21:00
Veranstaltungsort Albert Schweitzer Haus Schwarzspanierstr. 13, 1090 Wien
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Preis 30

Workshop für Fortgeschrittene (für Teilnehmer mit Tangoerfahrung)

Kosten € 30,- inkl. Eintritt zur Milonga



This intense workshop offers a complete exploration of the topic.

How both bodies interact, how cause and effect compenetrate each other. Both leaders and followers will be led through a technique session in the first part of the experience where they will improve the aesthetics and the efficiency of the movement, then they will be ready to lead and follow all the boleos offered in the second part of the experience. Various linear and circular boleos will be presented.Recommended for advanced dancers, all levels allowed!