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M Di M Do F S S

Nastasja Sas
Professional Tangotraining for everyone with Rafael & Nastasja | drop in!
Kategorie Kurs
Datum 23 März 2023
Zeit 18:35 - 19:45
Veranstaltungsort IGRA, Ungargasse 3, Wien Mitte
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Kontakt Nastasja Sas & Rafael Ramirez [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Preis 20€, 15€ ermäßigt
Link http://www.nastasja.net
Get a training like a professional tangodancer!
Dive into a training that combines elements of ballet, gyrokinesis and tango-technique.
Not much talking BUT a lot of moving!
🩹WITH a range of exercises to prevent and fight the DAMAGE of one-sided posture.
Rafael will instruct you on the details of tango-technique with his experience of 40 years in tango argentino.
Nastasja will transform your body as she is not only a dancer but also a certified gyrokinesis trainer.
EVERYBODY is very welcome! Let's gain strength, flexibility and work on the details of tango-technique.
You will feel the result dancing in the next milonga!
Every Thursday, 18.35 - 19.45, Studio IGRA, Ungargasse 3, Wien Mitte
sas_nastasja@yahoo.de | +43 681 84 33 75 17