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ConTango - Javier Cura
Kategorie spezielle Veranstaltung
Datum 4 Juni 2023
Zeit 19:30 - 15:00
Veranstaltungsort Institut Hara; Magdalenenstrasse 4 1060Wien
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Kontakt Silberbunt Movements [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Preis 170

The musical bodies through


June 3 - 5 2023


In what way our natural movement is musical? 

How can we embody elements of rhythm, melody or harmony to enrich both our own movement and musicality?

Can we develop a creative musical complicity with our partners that allows both comunion and difference?

In what way can harmony, disonnance, complementarity, or counterpoint become a metaphor of a human dialogue?


We will develop these questions through a series of elements derived from Contact Impro, Tango, Tai Chi, Biomechanics and Somatics.


  • broaden the subtleness of our sensory motor system through touch, breath, relaxation and grounding: learning to perceive how our body adapts, reacts, responds to every change in the environment
  • recognise how Tango and Contact Impro movement patterns can arise naturally from the combinatorial explosion between figures as circles, spirals, eights, or between pair elements as structure-relaxation, pushing-pulling, centrifugal-centripetal, projecting-falling.
  • enrich our physical dialogue vocabulary playing with these languages with the purpose to go beyond them and discover new voices within.
  • embody our musical imagination focusing on rhythm, melody or harmony.
  • nourish flow triggers as novelty, shared risks, close listening, blending egos, open communication, creativity, challenging skills and passion,
  • embody ourselves, enhancing our sensoriality and our empathic connection with the earth, with ourselves and others.




This open combination, boundless of a given style, developed in a playful environment, results in a freedom of movement that expands our possibilities of expression and creative complicity. It provides the possibility to deepen the understanding of our bodies and our physical relation with society and Nature.

This workshop (and Jam) is open to people of all ages and experiences interested in movement creation as a path of knowledge, healing, communication and personal enrichment.





Friday June 2nd: 19.30 -22 Introductory lesson ending in 30mins Jamilonga.

Saturday June 3rd: 11-17 Workshop (13.30-14.30Uhr Break)

Sunday June 4th: 11-15Uhr Workshop


Whole Workshop: 170euro inclusive Jamilonga on Saturday

Just Friday: 40euro


Venue: Institut Hara, Magdalenenstrasse 4 in 1060 Wien.




Info and registration:


Javier Cura is a teacher, visual artist, theatre director and movement coach who has worked extensively in the realms of movement, dance and theatre. He has been invited to teach and perform at Fabrik Potsdam Tanztage, Goettingen Contact Impro Festival and Phantastango, Farma Dance Theatre Festival and Alchemie Tango in Prague, C.I.R.A in Strasbourg, as well as to CI Festival San Francisco (USA). He has dedicated himself to researches in anthropological and sociological themes to develop projects in social theatre in Italy, Morocco and Germany. He has collaborated on a research on expression in Contact Improvisation at the Berlin Free University. He has worked as movement advisor for Sickle Cell patients in London Royal Hospital. Through a mix of disciplines that nourish movement diversity, body awareness, consensual touch and creativity, he has created The Ecological Body, with the intention to reconnect with oneself, other beings and the Earth, in an emotional, physical and spiritual way. He defines himself as a movement activist. He encourages people to take care of their own vital movement needs, as these have a massive impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as on our Planet’s health.