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Jessica Gerdel
Kategorie Practica
Datum 26 November 2023
Zeit 19:30 - 22:00
Veranstaltungsort EWTO Akademie (Haydngasse 1, 1060)
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Kontakt Jessica Gerdel [E-Mail an Kontakt]
Preis 10€ | Open price for course attendants
Link https://www.jessicagerdel.com/summer/#practica

New location!!

EWTO Akademie (Liniengasse 14, 1060. Entrance around the corner, on Haydngasse 1)

Super central location! Walking distance from U3, U4 and U6 stations. 

And yes, there's Parkett floor and all kinds of shoes are welcome.



What's Abrazatango Open Práctica about?

Quite simple: We just keep the original purpose of tango prácticas.

If you're new to this world, prácticas are gatherings to practice tango in a more informal setting than traditional milongas, to ask for feedback and to socialize with other tango enthusiasts.

All levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome to experiment, play and get rid of the weight of judgement on the dance floor, in order to expand your skills and gain confidence in your dance.

It's a space to try out the new knowledge you've got or even to learn the basics from other attendants if you're new to tango.

You're welcome to dance and practice whichever role(s) you like. Most regular attendants practice both.

There's enough space in the studio for practicing the social circulation or to be on the spot if needed for the moves you're working on.

Just be mindful if the moves you're working on require to stay on a fixed spot, and use the center of the ronda or the adjoining room to don't interrupt those who practice the social circulation.

I play the music in the "tandas" format so newcomers get familiar with the structure they'll find in traditional milongas, and as a reference for partner switching so everyone gets the chance to practice, but as a práctica there's a difference with the milonga codes where you're expected to dance the full tanda with one person. You're free to choose which songs you dance and with whom (even alone if practicing solo technique). Consent and respect are the rules.

As in every práctica, I’m available for feedback if you want to ask for it (it's not a class).

A milonga is not the place to correct others, especially if unrequested (that's another code of milongas). A práctica is a space to co-learn, so constructive feedback is part of it. Just be courteous when sharing your thoughts.

There's no entry fee for course attendants. When you attend the classes you choose what you contribute to keep it sustainable (open price system). Beginners course is at 17:00 and open leven (with previous experience) course is at 18:15.

Regular fee for other attendants 10€

If you're unemployed and can't afford a regular fee nor the courses, reach out to me.

It's ok to bring your own drinks or something to share in the common table. Also a small bar that belongs to the studio where you can buy a few drinks and coffee.

All in all, come with an open mind to co-create a welcoming, friendly and respectful atmosphere for all :) 

Heads up that EWTO Akademie's official address is Liniengasse 14, 1060 but the entrance is around the corner on Haydngasse.

See you there!!



Facebook/Instagram: Abrazatango