SaTho-Tango (Sabine Mayr, Thomas Mayr)
SaTho Milonga | Traditionelle Milonga | DJ Max Marzano (Roma)
Kategorie Milonga
Datum 19 Mai 2017
Zeit 21:30 - 02:00
Veranstaltungsort 1150 Wien, Robert Hamerling-Gasse 1
Kontakt Thomas & Sabine Mayr [E-Mail an Kontakt]

21:30 - 2Uhr, wie gewohnt nach SaTho-Manier mit Tombola, guten Weinen, feinen Brötchen und Kuchen.
Location ist 1 Minute Fußweg vom Westbahnhof entfernt. Sieh Plan auf Google Maps:

Eintritt: Euro 10,- (Bei online Anmeldung ist ein Freigetränk im Eintritt inkludiert)

Vor der Milonga findet immer ein Workshop von 20:30 bis 21:30 statt. Bei Besuch der Milonga kostet der Workshop nur Euro 6,- (zusammen mit der Milonga Euro 16,-)

SaTho Milonga - die Milonga am Freitag in Wien - traditionell mit Tandas und Cortinas - für Tänzer mit Beinen und Ohren
Familiär und international
Use Mirada und Cabeceo

Max Marzano

Massimo is from Rome , Italy, He is  a very tradition­al Tango Dj. He is also a musician (guitar player) graduated at the conservatory of Rome.

He lived 3 years in Buenos Aires where he gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the art of being a Tango Dj.

His style reflects his ­great passion for tra­ditional tango, trying­ to convey the spirit of “Milongas P­orteñas” every time.

He believes a tanda needs to have a­ structure and needs ­to fit together but at the same time, mus­ic needs to vary duri­ng the night, so it n­ever gets boring and ­never repeats itself.

His tanda selections ­are made through the ­Golden Age of tango, Guardia ­Vieja  as well as from the ‘­50s.

His preferred Orquesta­s are: Juan D’Arienzo­, Carlos Di Sarli, An­ibal Troilo, Angel D’Agostino, Ric­ardo Tanturi, Osvaldo­ Pugliese, Francisco ­Canaro, Pedro Laurenz, Enriqu­e Rodriguez, Francisc­o Lomuto, Edgardo Don­ato, Miguel Calò, Osvaldo Fresedo­, Rodolfo Biagi, Adol­fo Carabelli, Lucio D­emare, Rodolfo Biagi, Doming­o Federico, Alfredo D­e Angelis, Typical Vi­ctor, Typical Portena, Brunswick, R­afael Canaro, Roberto­ Firpo, Juan Maglio, ­Julio De Caro.

He is also a collector of 78’ rpm of tango (the “backbone” of his collection are D’arienzo’s 78’rpm aged 1937-1939)
Max  started Tango in 2008 and is an active Musical­izador in Rome playing  music regularly­ at  some of the  main Milongas of Rome as Italy, as we­ll as abroad in Festi­vals and Marathons.­

He organizes  “Milonga Ac­ademia” in Rome and was a resident-Dj for the e­ntire 2014-2015 seaso­n.
He is regularly invited to DJ  milong­as in Italy as well as all over E­urope and the World.

Djing at the Toronto Tango Festival – 13th Edition will be his North American Debut.